SEMI AUTOMATIC HA4 Wallpanel machines SEMI AUTOMATIC HA4 Maximum versatility for mortar and adhesives in walls up to 4 m high

The semi-automatic HA IV masonry unit stands for complete versatility. With this machine, you can use conventional mortar or new adhesives.

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ROBOTIC MACHINE RA1 Wallpanel machines ROBOTIC MACHINE RA1 Modular solution to full automation

With the development of our RA1, a new machine type can be offered. Due to the increased use of robots, the output can be doubled compared to the HA4. Flexible expansion and extension options mean that the RA1 benefits from its modularity.

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Fully AUTOMATIC VA2 Wallpanel machines Fully AUTOMATIC VA2 Outstanding performance with a completely new production concept

The fully automatic VA I masonry unit was primarily designed with brick manufacturers and large production plants in mind. Since the entire unit is controlled fully automatically by a host computer, personnel costs are kept to a minimum.

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Components/Accessories Wallpanel machines Components/Accessories Systems solutions for transportation and assembly

Rimatem’s practicable components ensure that the logistics workflow before and after producing the masonry runs smoothly.

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Customer voices

What our customers say about us

  • “Priorto purchasing the Rimatem masonry unit, we were sceptical about it; however, afterthe good professional consultation and a facility visit in Germany, we were very convinced of this concept and know today that thisinvestment has paid off. Not only the prior consultation but also the service after purchasing the masonry unit is excellent. The company Rimatem always has a sympathetic earfor allrequests and suggestions and has useful tips at hand for a more efficient capacity utilisation at all times.”

    Eng. Otmar und Siegfried Malli, Malli Baugesellschaft mbH, Graz / Austria