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Systems solutions for transportation and assembly

Brochure Request Rimatem is a systems provider whose motto is:
“For construction professionals by construction professionals”.


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      Rimatem’s practicable components ensure that the logistics workflow before and after producing the masonry runs smoothly. Using the Rimatem components, the masonry produced on the HA III or VA I can be transported and assembled cost effectively, safely, swiftly and with no fuss or bother. Reap the benefits of Rimatem’s exceptionally ingenious components: pallet turners, Vario-traverse and crane traverse, transport containers and push-pull props.


      Ingenious transportation and assembly systems solutions

      The Rimatem Vario-traverse is placed on top of the wall. The wall is then lashed securely to the Vario-traverse using steel straps. Even large wall elements with door openings become highly stable using this system. The Rimatem crane traverse is tailored to the Vario-traverse and acts as an adjusting element during the assembly work.


      An efficient and practical transportation system for the building site

      Rimatem has engineered transport containers that are specifically tailored to the needs of prefabricated masonry and which are based on the BDF swap bodies typically used in the forwarding business. The transport containers have a payload of 24 tonnes and a loading width of 2.20 metres. This means that six 36.5 walls, seven metres long, can be transported, for example – an unbeatable shipping volume.
      What’s more: As the elements are transported standing, they are not only well protected but can be unloaded from the transport container in any order you prefer. This means that the best possible assembly sequence can be followed. There’s also no need to start unloading from the outermost element. The containers are also available as roll-off containers on request.


      Using Rimatem’s precise, easy-to-use columns, the masonry can be made plumb on the building site without any difficulty.

      • “Priorto purchasing the Rimatem masonry unit, we were sceptical about it; however, afterthe good professional consultation and a facility visit in Germany, we were very convinced of this concept and know today that thisinvestment has paid off. Not only the prior consultation but also the service after purchasing the masonry unit is excellent. The company Rimatem always has a sympathetic earfor allrequests and suggestions and has useful tips at hand for a more efficient capacity utilisation at all times.”

        Eng. Otmar und Siegfried Malli, Malli Baugesellschaft mbH, Graz / Austria