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Rimatem is a systems provider whose motto is:
“For construction professionals by construction professionals”.

As a specialist, you will no doubt not only be interested in the high quality of the prefabricated masonry but, above all, how this engineering works in practice.

Then you’ve come to the right place. As construction professionals, the civil engineering side is especially dear to our heart.

Rimatem’s prefabricated masonry is produced in Germany in keeping with DIN 1053, Part 4, the German industrial standard for prefabricated brickwork. Every detail is precisely described and calculated in this standard, which also serves as a guide for numerous other countries.

In short, prefabricated masonry can be used for virtually every application on a par with conventional masonry produced on site. The individual prefabricated walls are positioned side by side, 3 cm apart, and the butt joint is then filled with the same mortar which is used for bed joints.

In terms of their structural engineering, the prefabricated walls are usually joined and held together on two sides through a ceiling or ring beam. Earthquake proof construction is also easily possible.

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