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      The semi-automatic HA IV masonry unit stands for complete versatility. With this machine, you can use conventional mortar or new adhesives. With a production width of up to 13 metres and a wall height of up to 4 metres you are equipped for every task in residential and industrial construction.

      Whether it be clay or sand-lime bricks, concrete blocks or aerated concrete blocks: standard bricks from 11 to 50 cm thickness can be used. First layers are also taken into account automatically. The process time for the fully automatic application of mortar or adhesive using the HA IV has been improved by another 40% compared with the HA III.

      Whether you run a manufacturing facility or a medium-sized building company, one thing is certain: with this unit you have the ideal equipment to perform your masonry tasks.

      The HA IV embodies ultra-modern mechanical, control and process engineering technology and has proven its worth on numerous occasions at home and abroad. Find out for yourself and benefit from the efficiency of the HA IV.

      • “Priorto purchasing the Rimatem masonry unit, we were sceptical about it; however, afterthe good professional consultation and a facility visit in Germany, we were very convinced of this concept and know today that thisinvestment has paid off. Not only the prior consultation but also the service after purchasing the masonry unit is excellent. The company Rimatem always has a sympathetic earfor allrequests and suggestions and has useful tips at hand for a more efficient capacity utilisation at all times.”

        Eng. Otmar und Siegfried Malli, Malli Baugesellschaft mbH, Graz / Austria