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Brick by brick

Save time and money

Walls manufactured in this way have the advantage that they are built in weather-protected halls on solid ground and are only moved once they have cured. This ensures economical and high-quality production, which gives Rimatem® customers a considerable competitive advantage compared to producers of conventional brick walls. Depending on the customer’s requirements, Rimatem® offers two different units: Firstly, the Rimatem® fully-automatic VA I which takes over all the masonry work; and secondly, the Rimatem ® semi-automatic HA III and HA IV, which make all the manual work easier and more efficient in all kinds of ways. With their help you can effortlessly manufacture individually planned walls and the HA IV can even handle walls up to dimensions of 12 x 4m with ease. You can also install special parts quickly and economically, since the operator has direct access to the production process at all times. A further advantage is that both units are compatible, so bricks can be mortar bedded or glued in wall thicknesses from 11.5 to 49 cm.

Succeeding through expertise

The Rimatem® service goes far beyond the planning and delivery of the masonry units. The company based in southern Germany supports its customers from the planning of the prefabricated masonry right up to the transportation of the walls. Rimatem® works closely with construction companies, as well as precast concrete works, and constantly seeks even more efficient solutions for the requirements of everyday construction. In this context, Rimatem® has developed, among other things, a special system that has significantly simplified the transport and installation of the finished wall panels.

Benefits for the manufacturers of prefabricated walls

The success of Rimatem® proves that the quality of the product and the service they provide meet the customer’s needs. For over 20 years Rimatem® has enjoyed international success in the highly competitive construction market and has evolved from a pioneer in the field of automated masonry manufacture to become a market leader. Thanks to its constant developments and innovations, the company contributes significantly to the rise in quality in masonry construction, thus boosting orders for its customers.